Joshua Beamish's MOVE: the company

The Joyce Theater, New York - MOVE: the company at The Joyce Ballet Festival

But it was the performances of Luciana Paris and Sterling Baca that was the highlight of the evening. The duet is an intelligent and creatively crafted work. The work allowed Ms. Paris to explore and express such deep emotion in her movement. With every breath and exquisitely extended limb you felt her presence. This duet was so remarkable that I can recall it in my mind’s eye with such ease. I felt this work so strong that we, the audience, could have  gone home aware that we had just witnessed a sublime moment in time. Bravo to all involved…

Dance in New York City, by Darrell Wood

Particularly noteworthy were newly promoted ABT soloists Luciana Paris and Cassandra Trenary, and corps members Stephanie Williams and Sterling Baca

'Pierced',  danced exquisitely by Paris and Baca

Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance, August 4, 2015

The Paris / Baca pairing gave the duet a combination of technical polish and emotional depth that held the audience in their thrall. A stylized courtship, the duet includes some very poised pointe work from Ms. Paris

Oberon 's  Grove, August 6, 2015


The title, Pierced, telegraphs Beamish’s choreographic intent; the duet appearing to concern how emotions pierce the heart. Paris and Baca, she in a black leotard with mesh cutouts and he shirtless, have an apparent cat and mouse, parry and thrust sexual encounter, with Paris being the somewhat dominant force. Their emotional attraction attempts to distance themselves from each other, ultimate acceptance of being pierced by the other being conveyed by riveting choreographic angles and thrusts. The closing image of Baca, alone on the stage floor in emotional submission, slowly arching his back until his head almost, but not quite hits the floor, is extraordinary. Though the choreography may be somewhat academic, Beamish knows how to end a piece.

Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance, August 4, 2015






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