First Shade Variation - La Bayadere

 In a particularly appealing trio of Shades, Luciana Paris, Maria Riccetto and Yuriko Kagiya danced superbly and were well-contrasted in personality, each exuding her own perfume. Bravissimi!

Oberon's Grove

Shades 1


Luciana Paris, Maria Riccetto, and Misty Copeland were excellent in their difficult Shade Variations.

Haglund's Hill 

Photo Variation Arabesque final 1801

The soloist variations were well executed by Maria Riccetto, Luciana Paris and Misty Copeland

Rachel March

Photo Variation Arabesque final 0961

Photos: Luciana Paris dances the First Shade variation in ABT's production of La Bayadere, directed by Natalia Makarova and featuring Polina Semionova (Nikiya), David Hallberg (Solor) and Hee Seo (Gamzatti). 

Photo Variation Arabesque final 0721

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